Chanel G.

About Me

How do i summarize myself in just a paragraph?

Here’s my attempt:

I prefer holding a physical book in my hands over reading an e-book any day. Probably because I love the scent of fresh paper. (Yes, paper. Does that make me a bonafide bibliophile?) I enjoy my tea with a good dose of honey, but if you offer me a tall white chocolate mocha from Starbucks, I definitely won't turn it down. I'm addicted to bullet journaling, and if you give me the chance I'll get you addicted too. My favorite part of traveling is when a foreign city starts to feel like home. My super power is window shopping in Target. It IS possible!

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My Journey Into UX

My journey into UX started with a casual mention from my sister who knew I was looking to transition into a career that would allow me to be more creative. After hearing about UX I started googling and I found myself thinking, “This is something I can do! Even more, this sounds like something I’d like to do everyday!”

Over my 10 weeks of learning UX, I formed irreplaceable bonds with my cohort members, learned so much about myself, and fell in love with the UX process. One of my proudest achievements was being voted class MVP Best Overall by my classmates.

I enjoy watching users interact with products I’ve designed for the first time, and using their invaluable feedback to improve on my ideas. I can’t wait to continue experiencing that feeling throughout this new career.